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2021 Winners:


Tina Tormey of Residential Education

Tina Tormey



Jennifer Simon & Melissa Andreas, of Student Involvement and Brower Student Center

Jennifer and Melissa

Access Services Unit from the R. Gitenstein Library

(Bethany Sewell, Andrew D’Apice, Sharon Austin, Dina Carmy, Susan Clark, Maurice Crawley, Joanna Karwowska, Lisa Morris, Louise Pezzullo-Bizon)

Access Services Unit

TCNJ EOF Program

(Tieka Harris, Todd McCrary, John Marshall, Khayriy Tilghman, Kim Quick)

TCNJ EOF Program


2021 Nominees:

Accessibility Resource Center – Lynn Ann Cornell, Dixita Malatesta, Kyla (Ky)Tucker

Accessibility Resource Center

Anne Marie Maratea, Assistant to the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

Anne Marie Maratea

Brian Deitch and Norma Brown, of Occupational Safety & Environmental Services and Nursing

Brian and Norma

Desi Fioravanti, Campus Police Officer

Desi Fioravanti

Kim Quick, Assistant Director of EOF


Paul Eaton, Support Specialist in User Support Services

Paul Eaton

Phyllis Rush, Public Safety Telecommunicator in Campus Police

Phyllis Rush

Rhelda Richards, Interim Assistant Vice President in the Office of Facilities Management

Rhelda Richards

Sukhi Bedi,  Support Specialist in User Support Services

Sukhi Bedi


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